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Painting during Coronavirus lockdown

Today the news arrived that we are not even allowed to step outside the house anymore unless necessary so I'm glad I decided to go out to paint yesterday, the day after the whole country went into quarantine. Piazza dei Miracoli, the square with the leaning tower and cathedral, has never been so empty. There were only a handful of people around, where normally even on the least busy of days you would have to look through all the tourists pretending to hold up the tower for a photo if you wanted to paint anywhere near it, and at the same time worry about people bumping into you or your setup. I tried to find an angle that could showcase the emptiness of the famous site, opting for a close up view of the base of the tower and the side of the cathedral, with in the foreground the areas where all the tourists would normally be crowding together for pictures. I was able to set up and paint in peace, with only a few people walking by now and then. The military is always present at ital…

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